Double Dog Ranch II
Pacific Northwest!

Lorinda Gayl / Sam Sevier

Every Dog dreams of a completely cage-free environment, where they can run, swim and play all day, then settle down in soft grass to watch the afternoon slowly fade into darkness. At Double Dog Ranch dogs live that dream.

Humans just think they have the best vacations!

Double Dog Ranch now has over 7,000 square feet of grassed open play area, and our big play yard includes the big trees in the background... acres of excitement!

Our covered play area is over 3,000 square feet of rain-free fun.

The old swimming hole is open for optional swimming at designated times.

Our Free Shuttle to and from Portland area dog parks. It's temperature controlled atmosphere is perfect for your dog's trip. And for the humans, no more driving to DDR before your big trip.

All dogs get a quick clean-up before the shuttle ride home.

Beaumont inspecting the command center

Maddie set the "closest to a duck" record.

Beaumont shows off the temperature controlled super comfy bunkhouse. Everybody gets a Palace PetBed double thick mattress.



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