Driving Directions

to Double Dog Ranch
Southern California

575 North Dart Canyon Road
Crestline, CA, 92325


Double Dog Ranch is located in the San Barnardino Mountains. This means windy roads and spotty cell phone reception. Cell phone users can call us at 909-338-8383. If you are in a dead zone, drive a short distance and redial. When you make contact... stop driving and talk!. If you try to talk and drive, another dead zone will come up and zap the connection.

Directions for Technology-Oriented Individuals

  • Put "575 N. Dart Canyon Rd, Crestline, CA" (zip is 92325) into your GPS, and note that if your GPS is like our GPS, it will say you have arrived at our Ranch about 1/2 mile before you actually get there. If so, keep going on Dart Canyon Road to the end of the pavement, continue on the gravel road about 150 yds, and then enter the driveway on the right.
  • Or if you really want to get your techno-geek on, use -117.268 and 34.259 as lat/lon coordinates for our Ranch.

Directions for Left-Brained Individuals

  • From points west of beach cities and LA: Take 91 or 60 or 10 east to 215 north (91 will turn into the 215 near San Bernardino).
  • From 215 north, take 210 / 30 east (mountain resorts exit). This will merge you onto the 210 east.
  • Take the Waterman/Hwy 18 exit and turn left.
  • Take Waterman/Hwy 18 north up the mountain to Crestline/Hwy 138 exit. See accompanying map.
  • Follow signs to Lake Gregory/Lake Drive.
  • Continue on Lake Drive around the lake to the 5-way stop.
  • Turn left onto Dart Canyon Rd. (you will pass just to the left of a Self-Storage facility).
  • Drive 5-7 minutes on Dart Canyon to end of pavement.
  • Continue on gravel road about 150 yds and enter driveway on right (575 N. Dart Canyon Rd.) Dogs will alert us that you're here!.

Directions for Right-Brained Individuals

  • Drive East on your choice of Freeway. The 10 works fine as does the 60. We have been favoring the 91 lately because it miraculously transforms itself into the 215 which is an intermediate destination.
  • Get onto the 215 and head north. If you came in on the 91 it will become the 215 and signs will change to reflect the name change.. You will pass through the center of San Bernardino, whoopee.
  • As you begin to approach the mountains look for the sign that says Mountain Resorts – Highway 210 / 30. Take the Hwy 210 / 30 exit.
  • You will only be on the 210 / 30 for about one mile. Look for the Lake Arrowhead – Waterman Ave. exit. Get off and turn left on Waterman, going north. You’re really on your way now.
  • Waterman is also Hwy 18. Drive up the hill on 18 until you see the Crestline Cutoff (Hwy 138). Take it. See accompanying map.
  • At the very top of the hill there will be a stop sign. Straight across the intersection will be Lake Drive. Staying on Lake Drive you will come to Lake Gregory.
  • Admire the water, then continue on Lake Drive and drive around the north side of the lake until you come to our famous little 5-way stop at the east end of the lake.
  • You will see a Self-Storage business straight ahead. Just to the left of it will be Dart Canyon Road. Follow Dart Canyon Road (first you go down for a ways, then you climb up) until you see a sign in about 5 minutes or so that reads “pavement ends.” Our land starts right at the end of the pavement. Drive up the expertly maintained gravel road for about 150 yards. Look right and you will see an opening to our driveway. There are four, count 'em, 4 signs that say 575 on them. One is even lit. Congratulations! You can now do something that UPS will apparently never catch onto!