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Dear Mike and Dana,

Thank you so much for giving Gracie a wonderful vacation, and she's a very happy and tired dog. I love the pictures on the web, such a great idea. Gracie will be vacationing again with you very soon.

All the best,

Costa Mesa

Hi Dana,

Thank you for taking care of Paco when he stays at the ranch. Since Paco is the only dog in the family, I like him to live and socialize with his own kind as much as I can. Besides, every time Paco comes back, I notice he's grown more mature and mellower and he's more relaxed with other dogs.

See you next week,

Los Alamitos

Thanks again Dana,

Shadow had a safe and fun week with you and your ranch family. I thought she would be wiped out, but after a quick nap in my son's car on the ride home from Costa Mesa...she was back to her same old hyper self....

She's got endless energy that one. Thanks for the photos, I put them up on my FaceBook so everyone else could see how much she was enjoying Double Dog Ranch.

Will keep you posted on our next trip where Shadow will be up to visit you all again.

Thanks so much for the peace of mind...just can't put a price on that!!!

Long Beach

Dana -

The photos are wonderful!!!! I just laughed when I saw the picture of your "brave" photographer in waist-high muddy water, just to get labbie shots! I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of Roxy. It is such a treat to actually see photos of our Roxy having so much fun. She is a lab in the city, so having that freedom and ability to explore the water and your ranch must have been an amazing treat for her :) Mimi (Gordon's mom) and I are trying to spread the news of the great place we have found at Double Dog Ranch.... Sure we will be booking again real soon.

Thanks again Dana, I could just tell you really do care about the dogs and providing them a place to just be a "dog". Roxy said to tell Chip hello - I am sure she is just one girlfriend in a sea of many (LOL).

Manhattan Beach

There isn't a doubt in my mind as to what a good time Max had at your place. When we left the dog park Max drug me down the grass walkway towards your car and then when he saw you drive away, he almost pulled me into the street after you! I had a kung fu grip on the leash though.

And on the way home, we had to stop every few minutes so he could see if you were coming back for him. I think we'll be using you more often than expected! He's a changed dog at the dog park too! Happy as a clam, engaging with other dogs.....thank you. :)

El Segundo

Hi Dana,

Thanks for taking such good care of Molly.

Unless we have someone stay at the house, a week away usually results in 10+ hot spots from her seperation anxiety. Clearly from her health, attitude and the pictures, she didn't miss us at all! She has been sleeping since yesterday afternoon, and rather than at my feet she is curled up in a chair - clearly she has gained a bit of independence as well.

Thank you again, and look forward to her next trip out! We'll have to test her in some snow soon!


Redondo Beach


Thank you for the photos! I loved seeing them and it sure does look like they're having fun! Thank you for taking good care of them, it takes a heavy burden off of me and will allow me to thoroughly enjoy my daughter's wedding and our vacation here in Hawaii even though two of our family members couldn't be here with us.


Redondo Beach

Hi Dana,

Koda must have had a great time there. He slept all the way home after I picked him up and most of the next day. Thanks for putting his pictures in your album. Everyone enjoyed them. I'm assuming you got my reservation for Christmas time.

Long Beach

I have an extremely active, 100+ pound labrador that hasn't met a dog he didn't like, so Double Dog Ranch was just the place for him. He loves going there and as we are driving down the driveway, approaching the ranch he begins to cry and whine with excitement! Cisco comes home with his head dragging from exhaustion but his tail wagging from all the fun he's had. It's a great place to let an active, friendly dog run and learn to socialize.

Lake Arrowhead

Dear Dana,

Thanks so much for sending the darling photos! Dakota looks like he was having a WONDERFUL time. No wonder he slept for 2 days when we got him back. We'll bring him back next time we are away. Thanks again for taking good care of our pup!

Leah and George
Lake Arrowhead

Hi Dana,

Thank you so much for the photos, and email about Oliver. He's such a huge part of our family we all miss him sooo much. Seeing and hearing how happy he is, has brought smiles to all our faces. I think you're right about maybe he has some border collie in him, from the photos he does look like his buddies. I have a feeling he's not going to be too happy about leaving your Ranch, and his friends. You all are great. Thank you so much, please give him a big hug from us.

El Segundo

Dear Mike and Dana,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of Ranger last weekend! We loved the photos and can tell that she had a good time. We also appreciate being able to meet you in Redlands! Thank you again! Ranger can't wait for her next visit!

Steve and Kathy,



Dear Mike and Dana,

Thanks, again!

Ace hasn't stopped talking (barking) about her FUN weekend at the Double Dog Ranch!

Running Springs



Dear Dana,

Thanks for the great two days for Lilly’s initial stay at Double Dog Ranch. She seems very comfortable with you, the ranch and the transportation services! She is one tired puppy! We played at the wonderful Costa Mesa dog park for thirty minutes before heading home, ‘cause I could see that she was tired. After sniffing around a bit and eating lunch at home, she plopped on her bed and hasn’t moved!

I enjoyed seeing the photos of Lilly at the Ranch on your website. She loves running with a ball in her mouth…so typical of her! Thanks again for a great time for Lilly.

San Clemente

Thank you SO much for taking such good care of Kylee and the lovely pictures of her. I am so jealous, I wish somebody would let me go to camp and have fun all day long!

She'll be back soon.