Getting Started

Double Dog Ranch

Basic Information

  • We require that all dogs be socialized around people and other dogs. This is important because of our free-play structure and large yards; before their first stay, be sure to allow ample time for our free trial.
  • All new dogs go through a free 3-4 hour trial. DDR staff will contact you to arrange a trial after Steps 1-3 are completed. During the trial, DDR staff oversee supervised play with other dogs in the yard(s). Your dog will also spend a minimum time in a crate. We do this to ensure your fur-kid will be comfortable, safe, and happy at Double Dog Ranch!
  • We do not accept unneutered/unspayed dogs over 6 months of age. Intact males draw aggression from other dogs, and intact females will attract hopeful suitors countywide.
  • We require current vaccination records for Rabies, Bordatella, and DHPP. This is a requirement for our county.
  • Please make arrangements for payment upon your dog's dropoff or on the day of pickup. If someone other than you will be picking up your dog(s) please remember to send payment with them.
  • Please plan ahead for the Holidays! A prior overnight stay is required - i.e., a stay over the holidays cannot be your dog's first overnight stay.

Please plan ahead! Your Reservation will be recorded AFTER the following five items are completed:

You will need to agree to a
Standard Agreement Form
Ask your veterinarian to fax your dog's immunizations to DDR at 909-338-8446
DDR will schedule a FREE 3-4 hour Trial
Make a reservation with the
Express Check-In Form

Upon your dog's next visit to Double Dog Ranch, bypass this page entirely and go directly to our Express Check-In Page.