Dog Training

Harry Oakes

Phone: 503-705-0258

Double Dog Ranch is very pleased to recommend Harry Oakes, Certified ABTA Dog Training Expert.
Please contact Harry directly by phone or E-Mail for a consultation, and to arrange training either in your home or during your dog's next visit to Double Dog Ranch.

Harry's Philosophy

Harry uses his tried and true method of Love, Hugs and Kisses, a program he developed in the 1980s to train K-9 Search and Rescue dogs. Since that time, Harry has trained over 2,900 search and rescue dog teams around the world and is one of the top rated trainers of bomb detection, drug detection, search and rescue, therapy and pet assisted service dogs in the world.

Harry's philosophy is one of simplicity; he does not believe in fads. He uses no food or treats, no clickers or devices, and no harsh corrections. No pinch collars, no choke chains, no shock collars. Harry uses a variety of training methods because he believes that each dog has its own personality and character so the same method may not work for every dog.

Dogs are great students and are creatures of habit, both good and bad. Professional training guarantees the best possible relationship between you and your dog. Training also builds confidence and socialization skills around people and other dogs, and eliminates problems such as separation anxiety, play biting and housebreaking. In addition, crate training reliably ensures your dog's ability to relax in any setting, whether at home, at a boarding facility or traveling with you. Make sure your dog's lifetime habits are good ones!

Harry Oakes' Accolades

Harry has been featured with his search dogs Kodi, Ranger, and now Ms. Valorie on Rescue 9-1-1, Missing Children's channel, "Bring Them Home", 20-20, and Dateline MSNBC. He has also been featured in This Week Magazine, Survival Magazine, Dog Magazine, Cat Fancy (Yes Cat Fancy), The Oregonian and The Columbian newspapers. The Oregon Humane Society has written articles on Harry's success and he was one of the Project Pooch guidance instructors for the McClaren School for Boys. Harry has also written four books on Dog obedience: Scent, Scent Forensic Evidence and Search and Rescue.

He has won national awards such as the National Jefferson Award, The NASAR Higgens Award, the Langley Swift Water Rescue Life Saving Award, the KPTV For Kids Sake Award, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Life Saving Award, and the Morrow County Sheriff's Life Saving Award. In addition, he has instructed to the US Military, Oregon, California and Washington law enforcement, and Search and Rescue and Fire Departments around the world, The Girl Scouts, The Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Kids, PETCO, and the REI Outdoor Survival and Traveling with your Dog lectures.

Harry has also received three letters from Presidents of the United States.

And, yes, he teaches basic dog obedience to everyone else's dogs.

Three Day Basic Obedience Training over 8 months old

What Your Dog Will Learn: Your dog will learn general good manners (no crotch sniffing, trash rifling, etc.) and the following skills:


Leave it (drop or leave any object)


Voice commands and hand signals

Down Off

Off (jumping on people, furniture, etc.)


Quiet (for excessive barking)

Automatic heel

Socialization with other dogs

Come when called

Sit & Wait at every door, gate, in/out of car

Three Day On-Leash Puppy Training 4 to 8 months old

Your puppy will learn basic on-leash training and commands listed under adult dog training, as well as crate training.

Advanced Training

Please contact Harry to discuss your dog's specific training needs.

Training agreements are independent of dog boarding at Double Dog Ranch and are between the dog owner and Harry Oakes.