The Double Dog Ranch
Mission Statement

At Double Dog Ranch your dog will discover freedom, adventure and new friends in a secure, natural country playground. For all the same reasons we humans need vacations, our best friends have an unmistakable need to stir their ancient canine heritage by unrestricted running through the forest, joyful romping with other dogs and then sleeping soundly in a sunny spot.

We give each dog individual attention; every dog gets lots of human contact during the day.

It is the goal of Double Dog Ranch that your dog come home an invigorated, happy and well-behaved member of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located / why don’t you publish your address?

To board dogs in a free-play environment we must be out in the country. We are located in northern Oregon a few minutes south of Longview, Washington. Due to ever present problems of unwanted dog dumping, we choose not to advertise to the world that we are set up to care for dogs. We gladly provide driving instructions to registered customers who wish to drive their dogs up or take a tour.

Where do dogs sleep?
Dogs sleep indoors in the bunkhouse which is heated in the winter and air conditioned in summer. They can choose to sleep in a crate (nearly every dog does) or on the floor on a soft pad.
Have you ever had any dogs run away?
No. In fact no dog has even tried.
What happens if dogs get into a fight? What if my dog doesn’t get along with the other dogs?
We try our doggone best to screen for well socialized, friendly dogs. Should a dog exhibit improper behavior of any kind, it will be separated from the other dogs and placed in a run for the duration of the stay. This is not negotiable - dog safety is our foremost concern.
Do you charge to give my dog medication?
How close is the nearest veterinarian?
About one mile away is our 24-hour on-call veterinarian.
Why must my dog be neutered to visit DDR?
Intact males unfortunately exhibit characteristics such as humping, urinating on everything in sight and they consistently seem to invite aggression from other dogs. An intact male can make a group of docile dogs become a group of problem dogs, and we choose to not accommodate this dynamic. Unneutered dogs under 6 months are welcome at DDR.
How can I pay?
Check, cash, debit card, credit card or slave labor programs are available upon request.
Does it snow there? Will my dog freeze in the winter? What about rainy days?
All dogs love snow, even though we rarely get much of it. It is always the dog’s choice to come into an indoor 1700 square foot play room or play out in the snow. While some cruise back and forth between the two, most dogs can’t be coaxed inside on snowy days. We have 3000 square feet of covered play area just for rainy days.
Do you have a separate area for small dogs?
No, but most small dogs insist on being with everybody else. We take well socialized dogs over 15 lbs.
What are your hours to pick up / drop off my dog?
The window is from 8 AM to dusk. Because any pick up / dropoff is disruptive, please let us know your approximate timing so we can have your dog ready or make the introduction area available.
How are new dogs introduced to the other dogs?
New dogs are never "tossed into the fray." We keep new dogs in the introduction area for about 20 minutes where other dogs can sniff them and get to know them (and vice/versa) before they are eased into the yard.
Does my dog have to sleep in a crate?
Can I send food that needs refrigeration?
Yes… we have both a refrigerator and freezer available just for dogs.
Do dogs mind riding in the bus?
For some reason dogs love the bus! If you are really curious about this just show up on a shuttle day and watch the show.
Will you put a picture of my dog on your website?
Yes, providing Mr. Nikon isn’t in a snit.
Can you take dogs that are deaf, old or puppies?
Yes, with the waiver found in the standard agreement.
Can you take unspayed female dogs?
Generally no, unless they are under 6 months.
What is the feeding procedure/ do dogs fight over food?
All dogs eat their own food in their own crates, followed by a 30 minute digestion period.
Do you take the dogs for walks?
We oftentimes take "trustee" dogs for hikes around the property.
Do I need to send my dog's bowl/ crate/ leash/ bed/ personal TV? No - all we need is the dog and the food for him/her to have a wonderful time.
Is your facility fenced?
Sorry, but we really do get asked this… Yes!

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