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Double Dog Ranch

Important Information - Please Read

We require that all dogs be socialized around people and other dogs. This is important because of our free-play structure and large yard.
We require current vaccination records for Rabies and Bordetella.
We do not accept unneutered/unspayed dogs over 6 months of age. Intact males draw aggression from other dogs, and intact females will attract hopeful suitors countywide.
Please make arrangements for payment upon your dog's dropoff or on the day of pickup. If someone other than you will be picking up your dog(s) please remember to send payment with them.

Your Reservation Will Be Recorded After We Receive The Following Four Items:

1- Customer Information & Evaluation Form (#1 below)
2- Customer Standard Agreement Form (#2 below)
3- Veterinarian Clearance Form (#3 below)
4- Express Check-In Form (#4 below)

Click here to go to

Information & Evaluation Form
Click here to go to

Standard Agreement Form
Call your veterinarian and ask them to fax your dog's immunizations to DDR at
* (see below)
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Express Check-In Form

Upon your dog's next visit to Double Dog Ranch, bypass this page entirely and go directly to the Express Check-In link on the main menu.

* All Portland areas are long distance to DDR. Please instruct the veterinarian to use the whole number 1-503-728-2749 or the fax will not go through. Fax machines will appear to be sending the fax, indicating nothing of the failure.