Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located / Why don’t you publish your address?

    To board dogs in a free-play environment we must be out in the country. We are located in northern Oregon a few minutes south of Longview, Washington. Due to ever present problems of unwanted dog dumping, we choose not to advertise to the world that we are set up to care for dogs. We gladly provide driving instructions to registered customers who wish to drive their dogs up or take a tour.

  • Where do dogs sleep?

    Dogs sleep indoors in the bunkhouse which is heated in the winter and air conditioned in summer. They can choose to sleep in a crate (nearly every dog does) or on the floor on a soft pad.

  • Have you ever had any dogs run away?

    No. In fact no dog has even tried.

  • What happens if dogs get into a fight? What if my dog doesn’t get along with the other dogs?

    We try our doggone best to screen for well socialized, friendly dogs. Should a dog exhibit improper behavior of any kind, it will be separated from the other dogs and placed in a run for the duration of the stay. This is not negotiable – dog safety is our foremost concern.

  • Do you charge to give my dog medication?


  • How close is the nearest veterinarian?

    About one mile away is our 24-hour on-call veterinarian.

  • Why must my dog be neutered to visit DDR?

    Intact males unfortunately exhibit characteristics such as humping, urinating on everything in sight and they consistently seem to invite aggression from other dogs. An intact male can make a group of docile dogs become a group of problem dogs, and we choose to not accommodate this dynamic. Unneutered dogs under 6 months are welcome at DDR.

  • How can I pay?

    Check, cash, debit card or credit card.

  • Does it snow there? Will my dog freeze in the winter? What about rainy days?

    All dogs love snow, even though we rarely get much of it. It is always the dog’s choice to come into an indoor 1700 square foot play room or play out in the snow. While some cruise back and forth between the two, most dogs can’t be coaxed inside on snowy days. We have 3000 square feet of covered play area just for rainy days.

  • Do you have a separate area for small dogs?

    No, but most small dogs insist on being with everybody else. We take well socialized dogs over 15 lbs.

  • What are your hours to pick up / drop off my dog?

    The window is from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Because any pick-up / drop-off is disruptive, please let us know your approximate timing so we can have your dog ready or make the introduction area available.

  • How are new dogs introduced to the other dogs?

    New dogs are never “tossed into the fray.” We keep new dogs in the introduction area for about 20 minutes where other dogs can sniff them and get to know them (and vice/versa) before they are eased into the yard.

  • Does my dog have to sleep in a crate?


  • Can I send food that needs refrigeration?

    Yes… we have both a refrigerator and freezer available just for dogs.

  • Do dogs mind riding in the bus?

    For some reason dogs love the bus! If you are really curious about this just show up on a shuttle day and watch the show.

  • Will you put a picture of my dog on your website?

    We try to get at least one picture of each of our guests.

  • Can you take dogs that are deaf, old or puppies?

    Yes, with the waiver found in the standard agreement.

  • Can you take unspayed female dogs?

    Generally no, unless they are under 6 months.

  • What is the feeding procedure/ do dogs fight over food?

    All dogs eat their own food in their own crates, followed by a 45 minute digestion period.

  • Do I need to send my dog's bowl/ crate/ leash/ bed?

    No – all we need is the dog and the food for him/her to have a wonderful time.

  • Is your facility fenced?

    Sorry, but we really do get asked this… Yes!

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What People Have To Say About Double Dog Ranch PNW

Dear Double Dog Ranch,

When it was time to make a long awaited trip last year, we made the mistake of leaving our dog with friends. Friends may have the best of intentions, and the dog may live, but in our case, he was exhausted and clingy, stressed out, & he had a 5 pound weight loss to prove it.

This year, I contacted Double Dog Ranch, and with one visit, I knew I could take this year’s trip without worry. Our playful, people-loving Doberman, Beaumont, ran all over the place, made a potty mistake in their office as we chatted, and while I ran behind apologizing, they seemed to understand my dog better than I did! The Ranch was very clean in the places it should be.

When I called to see how Beau was doing during our trip, I had to end the calls as they were going on and on about whatever bird watching and game playing our pup was up to.

I could ramble indefinitely singing the praise of Double Dog Ranch, but in short, lets just say as long as they are around, they are the only place I’ll leave my dog. When we came back from vacation this year, a healthy, happy Beaumont greeted us, then ran back to play in the grass. I couldn’t ask for a better endorsement than that!

Lisa & Richard (and most of all BEAUMONT)

Dear Double Dog Ranch,

Our 11 year old Border Collie, Buley, who we’ve raised from a pup, never had the need to be boarded. When we traveled, which we did frequently, she went back to her breeder who has remained a close friend.

On a recent occasion her breeder was out of town and we were stuck. We reluctantly checked out the web and found the intriguing Double Dog Ranch II site. We went up to visit. It really did look great. We decided to leave Buley for a week.

Even if we didn’t get to see the frequently updated shots of Buley on the web each night in New York, when we returned home and picked her up, she was in awesome condition. She had renewed spirit and health and we couldn’t have been happier. I hope we have another reason to send her to the spa real soon.

Bob and Linda

Dear Double Dog Ranch,

Mousse wanted me to let you know how much he misses you all at the DDR. He has gained back all the weight he lost while at your ranch. (He lost 6 pounds while having fun at DDR!) And I want to thank you again for taking such good care of my boy for me, while I was in the hospital having cancer surgery. Knowing Mousse was in a nice, safe place made my recovery time better and faster. You two are wonderful. And you treat my “boy” as if he was your own. Words cannot express the kindness you two give. I will make the DDR Mousse’s #1 place to stay. Thank you for all you have done for Mousse and me.

Dear Double Dog Ranch,

Thank you so very much for taking such great care of Connor last weekend. I can tell she had a terrific time, as our normally super-hyper dog was tired and worn out. This never happens! She looked absolutely wonderfully exhausted, and she smiled at us the whole ride home in between little naps. We will most certainly be back if not just to send her to camp to play and visit her new friends.

Thank you very much. It means a lot to us that she is taken care of so well, and we have nothing to worry about when she is having such a great time.

Sincerely, Connor, Jen and Andy

Dear Double Dog Ranch,
We wanted to thank you for your fantastic care of Brinkley; first when were on vacation for a week and most recently over a weekend where we were very busy and just needed to know that Brinkley was well cared for and not at home being ignored by us!

He comes home happy and tired. We LOVE being able to relax and not worry about him when he is with you. Thank you for the peace of mind we have knowing how happy he is at the Ranch!

Lisa and Peter and BRINKLEY!

After five days at DDR, Casey came home completely played out- she slept for the better part of a day before recovering enough to beg for a walk.


You guys are great! Thank you so much. This is the first time we have come back from vacation and she has been in such good spirits. You guys are WONDERFUL!

Thanks for taking such great care of Rev while we were gone. This is the first chance we’ve had to check out all of the pictures of him on your Web site, and in some, I swear he’s actually smiling. We’ll definitely be boarding him with you in the future.
Thanks again.
— Cory and Richard

Hi Double Dog Ranch,

Thanks for taking care of Shunka for us. She loves Double Dog Ranch and the people there. When my husband dropped her off at her second stay she was so excited that she yelped with much enthusiasm, something that she reserves for one special person in her life, her grandpa (our dad).

I was apprehensive about her leaving her but I can honestly say that now I wouldn’t trust anyone else with her. We feel like she has a family in upper Oregon now.

Olive sez:

“Double Dog Ranch provided me with the opportunity to shake out the city and get back to nature. I really got in touch with my inner puppy running up and down the Ranch’s grassy knolls with seven of my closest pals. When I returned home, I was so tuckered out from all the fresh air and exercise, I couldn’t even rouse myself to chase the cat or tip over the garbage can for at least a week. Thanks Double Dog Ranch!”

Really, you guys were great and we’ll be back!

Catie (and Scot)

This is the second time that our Siberian Husky, Murphy has been to the dog ranch, and this time he took Paddy, our new addition to the family. Once again everyone at the Ranch really took great care of the pups and judging by the extremely quiet evening my husband and I enjoyed last night the boys had a great time and did lots of playing over the weekend. Double Dog Ranch is just the most fantastic place and Tim and I are so happy that we have found somewhere that our boys can go a be safe, play all day and just have a great time. Murphy now knows where we are going when we get in the car and head out to the Ranch and I don’t think it will be long until Paddy understands.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into making DDR such a wonderful place for our dogs to visit. Murphy and Paddy are both really looking forward to their next visit.

Claire & Tim – Portland

Double Dog Ranch – your property and your barn and your kindness and your business are phenomenal! Bruuni is not exactly dog sitting material just yet as he is still a fairly wild puppy, but whatever happened at Double Dog during his one night stay not only exhausted him, but taught him a lot about how to behave with other doggies that he has not been able to learn at the dog park or with other dog friends he spends time with.

He seems to have learned more in 24 hours with you than he did in 10 weeks of obedience school with me. I read all of the testimonials before we came out, and those people are not kidding about dogs coming home EXHAUSTED. My wild puppy slept all afternoon, all night and until 8 this morning–and he typically rises with the sun.

A million times thank you for doing all that you did, and do. Its so nice to be away and know that Bruuni is having such a fun time under the careful watch of such kind people.

I am afraid he had more fun at your house than he does at mine! We will be back!

Tiffany in Portland

Dear Double Dog Ranch,

Now when we go on a business trip, our chocolate Lab goes on vacation! We are so jealous. Maddie just completed her second stay at Double Dog and, as usual, she had a BLAST!!! When we moved from Texas in May, we had high expectations because our Texas kennel was so good. Little did we know we could find not a kennel in Oregon, but an adventure camp.

Double Dog Ranch is wonderful. Your acres and acres of fenced, wooded, grassy property are perfect for running, jumping, tugging, wrestling, drooling, catching, and laughing. Our dog grins from ear to ear when she’s thoroughly enjoying herself and every photo you send and post is a toothy grin. She comes home happy and exhausted. Although, I’m not sure she really ever wants to come home from Double Dog.

Thank you for taking such great care of her and also for taking such great care of us by sending emails and posting photos on the website. I go onto your website even when she’s not there because those dog photos make my day.

We would like to suggest you open a dog-owner B&B where the owners get to run, jump, play, wrestle, tug with dogs for a week and come home 5lbs lighter! We wouldn’t be much extra trouble – we’d bring our own kibble.

You guys and Double Dog are the greatest. I didn’t know boarding my dog could be so much fun.


Barb in Portland

We adopted Lady Bear when we found out she was headed to the animal shelter for the 3rd time. She had separation anxiety and a serious aversion to being kenneled which left us with very few options for overnight care when we were away. Then one day while looking for a place to board her, I came across the DDR website. Oh, the joy! We came up and checked the place out, fell in love and brought Lady Bear back the next day for her stay. The facilities are wonderful and the dogs all looked happy and excited to be there. Heck, I even considered asking how much it would be for us to camp out there for a few days!

When we picked Lady Bear up after two days, she was pooped. She slept for the entire day when we got home but was obviously very happy. The next time we brought her, she started bouncing in the back seat when we turned onto your road. She actually ran to the barn to meet her doggie friends! So much for the separation anxiety. We are so very, very grateful to have DDR – for both Lady Bear and us. We actually leave her there knowing she’s going to be having as much or more fun than we are. We no longer worry about vacation planning and what to do with Lady Bear. You’ve made us two very happy dog owners!

Thanks so much –
Bonnie and Jillian and Lady Bear

Hi there!
Let me first start by saying how impressed my husband and I were with DDR. Your property is beautiful and so well kept up. We were glad to see that everything was tidy and well kept!

We wanted to say thank you for taking such great care of Ziggy for 10 days. He was so tired when we got home, that he slept most of the next 4 days! Ziggy is really excited to come back soon. We know that you guys truly love dogs and it shows.

Thanks again!!


I would just like to thank you for letting my dogs stay at Double Dog Ranch. It was so good for them, they came home so happy. This is the first time I have brought them home from being kenneled and have them just act like their normal selves, albeit a little bit calmer/tired than normal 🙂

I will be bringing them to you only from now on, your kennel is by far above and beyond what any other kennel has to offer and it’s the perfect environment for my lunatic pack.

Thank you again,

Gayle, Daisy, Dora and Ficzko