How To Pack For Your Dog's Camp Adventure

What To Pack

  • 1. A Dog Tag - please make sure your dog is wearing a legible name tag.
  • 2. Food - Dried food should be in sealed one-gallon size bags. Canned food should be in a double grocery bag. Supplements should be in sealed baggies with instructions included.
  • 3. Medication should be in original containers with dosage instructions and then sealed in an appropriately sized baggie.
  • 4. Please include phone numbers where you can be contacted during your trip.

Finally, please place all food, supplements and medications in one bag and write your dog's name on the outside in bold letters.

What Not To Pack

  • 1. Treats, we have plenty for everyone.
  • 2. Big food bins for short stays. No bowls or scoops. Space is limited in the shuttle.
  • 3. Toys. We provide plenty of toys. However, should you wish to send them, please remember that given the size of our playground they may never be seen again!
  • 4. Leash. We do not need them at DDR, but don't forget to bring it when you pick up your dog.

If your dog's bedtime routine includes treats or toys, by all means send them along. We will do our doggone best to return them in good order, but please don't send anything irreplaceable.