Customer Standard Agreement

1. Double Dog Ranch agrees to exercise due diligence in the care of my dog. In addition, Double Dog Ranch agrees to keep its premises sanitary and properly enclosed. My dog will be cared for by Double Dog Ranch staff only, without liability on Double Dog Ranch’s part for loss or damage from disease, theft, fire, death, escape, injury or harm to persons, other dogs or property by my dog, or from other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care having been exercised by Double Dog Ranch.

2. Should my dog become ill or seem to be in need of medical consideration, Double Dog Ranch reserves the right to administer aid and/or to use any available veterinarian. I shall pay any expenses so incurred in addition to fees incurred for boarding services provided by Double Dog Ranch.

3. My dog is in good general health, and valid proof that he/she is current on Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella and Parvovirus vaccinations will be provided before she/he can stay at Double Dog Ranch. In addition, my dog is on a scheduled tick prevention program. Dogs arriving with fleas and/or ticks will be bathed at the owner's expense.

4. I agree that my dog may be videotaped, photographed, and/or recorded. Double Dog Ranch shall be the exclusive owner of the results and all such tapings, photography, and recordings will be used only by Double Dog Ranch in its own promotion, advertising, sale or publicizing.

5. Should my dog exhibit inappropriate aggressive behavior toward other dogs or people, for the safety of all concerned he or she will be placed in a secure dog run or temporarily relocated to a traditional boarding facility of our choosing.

6. In the event a dog is abandoned at Double Dog Ranch, due diligence will be undertaken to locate the owner. If the owner cannot be located, the dog will be delivered to the nearest animal shelter.

7. Double Dog Ranch reserves the right to refuse any dog.