Monday and Friday free shuttle doesn't work for you?

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Your options if the Monday and Friday Shuttle doesn't work for you:

One: You are always welcome to drop off and pick up your dog from our Ranch anytime during visiting hours. Think of it as a scenic drive into the San Bernardino National Forest, past nearby Lake Gregory, and onto our very own dirt road! Weather and traffic permitting, figure about 75-90 minutes from Metropolitan Los Angeles.


Two: Double Dog Ranch and the Grateful Dogs' Clubhouse of El Segundo have a wonderful shuttle plan.

Leaving early? The Grateful Dogs' Clubhouse will board your dogs until Monday or Friday for the DDR shuttle pick-up. Coming home after our Shuttle stop? No problem, we'll drop your dog off at the Grateful Dogs' Clubhouse if you wish.

Grateful Dogs' Clubhouse Boarding Rates are available from their website. Please remember that this is a separate service provided by Grateful Dogs and like any other boarding facility, they are subject to space limitations. You must be a Grateful Dog client and your dog may be asked in for an interview.  Please make your reservation for this service with Grateful Dogs directly.