Double Dog Ranch - Around the Ranch
Double Dog Ranch
Southern California

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Every Dog dreams of a completely cage-free environment, where they can run and play all day, and then settle down for a snooze or watch the afternoon slowly fade into darkness.
Dogs live that dream at Double Dog Ranch.

Humans just think they have the best vacations!

Double Dog Ranch is completely secured by chain link fencing.

Our back yard - Summer time.

Our back yard - after a fresh coat of snow.

Our free Shuttle visits Southern California area dog parks
Mondays and Fridays.

The temperature controlled bunkhouse is warm and friendly,
and every dog gets a comfy bed.

Horses are frequent visitors to our Ranch.

Dogs make new friends at our Ranch -- just ask Max and Ivy.

Paco loves the walk around Lake Gregory!

Dogs also love snoozing in the warm afternoon sun.

We co-host behavior workshops in the summertime.

Our three separate large yards are ideal for running around...

... and give plenty of room for group Tug-Of-War.

A dusting of fresh powder makes for some happy campers!